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Luxottica Retail Enterprise Agreement

19. März 2023

Luxottica is the world`s largest eyewear manufacturer and retailer, boasting a portfolio of over 30 premium brands, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Persol. In 2020, the company entered into a groundbreaking enterprise agreement that aims to provide better protections and benefits for its Australian workforce.

The agreement, which was negotiated with the Australian Manufacturing Workers` Union (AMWU), covers over 1,500 employees across eight Luxottica retail brands. These brands include Sunglass Hut, OPSM, and Laubman & Pank, among others.

One of the key features of the agreement is a commitment to minimum hours for part-time workers. This means that part-time employees will have a guaranteed number of hours each week, providing them with greater job security and a more reliable income. The agreement also includes a range of other benefits, such as improved redundancy provisions and higher penalty rates for work on weekends and public holidays.

Another notable aspect of the agreement is its focus on gender equality. Luxottica has committed to increasing the number of women in leadership positions, with the goal of achieving 50% female representation in management roles by 2025. The agreement also includes provisions for paid domestic and family violence leave, recognizing the important role that employers can play in supporting employees who are dealing with these issues.

In addition to these benefits for employees, the agreement also includes some important commitments from Luxottica. The company has committed to sourcing more of its products from local suppliers, supporting Australian jobs and businesses. It has also committed to reducing its carbon footprint and increasing its use of renewable energy.

Overall, the Luxottica retail enterprise agreement represents a significant step forward in terms of workplace protections and benefits for retail workers in Australia. By working collaboratively with the AMWU, Luxottica has shown that it is committed to providing fair and equitable conditions for its employees, while also taking action on important social and environmental issues. As consumers, we can support these efforts by choosing to shop with brands that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.

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